Australia has become a very popular destination for millionaires around the world. The annual report by New World Wealth, a South Australian research company, shows that Australia is ranked as the #1 destination for millionaires. Australia Immigration Professionals is a private immigration service that caters to foreign nationals who want to move to Australia to start a new life.

This new study used statistics from investor visa programs, property registers, and statistics in sales from various countries, as well as having interviews with 800 individuals who have a net worth or assets of $1 million or more. The report shows that the number of millionaires who are migrating is up about 18,000 from the previous year.

Also, for the second year in a row, Australia has been the top country for these millionaires rather than traditional countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Australia Immigration Professionals reports that they have had an influx of people interested in migrating to Australia from all over the world.


In 2016, the top five destinations for millionaires were:

Australia Immigration Professionals can answer your questions about why Australia is a top location.

There are many reasons that Australia has become popular among millionaires including:

  • Australia has an ideal location for handling business in a variety of Asian countries including Vietnam, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.
  • Australia has an excellent healthcare system when compared to other traditional destination locations such as the United Kingdom and America.
  • Australia is considered a safe country, according to New World Wealth, particularly for those raising children.
  • Australia has amazing lifestyle opportunities that include beautiful scenery, wildlife, and beaches.
  • Australia is separated from Middle Eastern turmoil as well as the European refugee crisis.
  • Australia is perfect for retired people who are wealthy and want to sail the South Pacific islands.


According to New World Wealth, the growth in Australia’s economy over the last ten years is the most likely reason that millionaires are gravitating to the country. The wealth of the country has increased by 85% over the last ten years, which is astronomical compared to the growth in the United States (30%) and the UK (28%).

According to Australia Immigration Professionals, many people are immigrating to Australia to take advantage of the economic growth there as well as the other benefits.


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