Reforms Make It Easier for Immigrants to Fill In-demand Positions for Visas

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Australia is doing everything possible to cast a wider net overseas. This is because the country aims to fill the national skills shortages in the country. One of the ways the Australian government is set to welcome more immigrants is through the reform of its immigration system. 

Currently, Australia’s federal government has made it easier for skilled migrants to apply for work in the country. Some beneficiaries of this reform are teachers, aged-care nurses and early childhood educators. These migrants can apply for positions in Australia even with a lower grasp of English. They can also apply with lower qualifications or less experience, Australia Immigration Professionals reported.

Concerns about the Reforms and Way Out

The reforms are to allow more immigrants to enter Australia. With this, the country can combat its critical labour shortage. Some people are concerned, however, that this shift will create exploitation. There is also concern that some potential skilled workers will not be qualified for the job roles. 

Potential skilled migrants must meet some requirements, Australia Immigration Professionals stated. This step will help ensure that the admitted immigrants are a perfect fit for the in-demand jobs in Australia. The migrants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to work in Australia before they are invited to apply for certain visas.

Requirements for Potential Skilled Immigrants to Meet

Australia Immigration Professionals explained further that the potential skilled migrants must have achieved a points threshold before they are invited to apply for the visa. Generally, the points are awarded for factors such as age, English language proficiency, educational qualifications and work experience.

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